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  • Tourist Information, 500 mtrs 

  • Supermarket, 350 mtrs

  • Chemist, 600 mtrs

  • Restaurants and bars, 600 - 900 mtrs

  • Doctors, 950 mtrs

  • Cinema, 800 mtrs

  • Post office, 900 mtrs

  • Bakeries, 400 - 650 mtrs

  • Collegiale, 500 mtrs

  • Petrol/Diesel filling station, 400 mtrs

  • Tennis Courts, 150 mtrs

  • Main shopping area, beauty salons etc, within 1000 mtrs.



  • Farmers markets are held on Thursdays during July And August.

  •  A trade fair is held on the 13th of each month.

  • A Flea Market is held on the first weekend of October.

  • A Christmas market on the first Sunday of December .



, or Hippodrome du Dorat is known as the 'Hippodrome de la Sagne' and has flat, trotting and cross country races attended by a good-sized crowd as well as three annual horse racing events in June, July and August.


The nearest airport is located 47 km south at Limoges


There is one SNCF train station, on the line Limoges-Poitiers that connects the town to Paris, the station is 800 metres from The Walnut Tree Gite.


A brief history of the town, Le Dorat is a town in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in western France. Inhabitants are known as Dorachons. Some say that Le Dorat owes its name to the angel located at the summit of the "Lou Dora" bell the year 950, missionaries reconstructed a church dedicated to the Saint Michel, some 20 years later, the Saint Pierre chapel and the Chapitre du Dorat were founded near the church Saint Michel.


Le Dorat was a town of nobility and property owners. In 1356 the town was attacked and besieged, and again later, during the European religion wars from 1524 to 1648 the town was badly damaged, however, the town survived, as did some fine examples of Romanesque architecture, especially the 11th Century Collegiate of Saint-Pierre.

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